Generations Growing in Faith

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"Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me."

- Mark 8:34

Men's Society November Lottery Fundraiser 2017

Lottery Tickets were sold throughout October, at $5 each.

A winning number will be drawn every day in November (except Sundays) for $100, with the numbers posted here daily.  A check will be mailed to the winner.  Numbers can win more than once.  All proceeds from Fundraiser support Scholarships for St. Dominic school children.  


Winning #
Wednesday November 1
938Lisa Grady
 Thursday November 2496Kay Link
 Friday November 3744Mary Espel
Saturday November 4762George Gibbs
 Monday November 6464Robben
 Tuesday November 7604Terry Doherty
 Wednesday November 8100Lisa Grady
 Thursday November 9
075Sam Witterstaetter
 Friday November 10
818Ron Fraley
 Saturday November 11064Chuck Wichmann
Monday November 13373H. Fishburn
Tuesday November 14
306Mark Helmers
 Wednesday November 15840Sherry Steinwert
 Thursday November 16136Unsold
 Friday November 17109Joe Kaeser
 Saturday November 18025Wilson
 Monday November 20638John Klopp
 Tuesday November 21
468Sherry Steinwert
 Wednesday November 22131Amy Stevens
 Thursday November 23561Gary Ott
 Friday November 24318Carol Niehaus
 Saturday November 25733Bert Brothers
 Monday November 27874Terry Doherty
 Tuesday November 28066Bert Grote
 Wednesday November 29609Patti Fellinger
Thursday November 30411Dan Cassedy