Generations Growing in Faith

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For if we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord; so then, whether we live or die, we are the Lords's.

-Romans 14:8

Men's Society November Lottery Fundraiser 2016

Lottery Tickets were sold throughout October, at $5 each.

A winning number will be drawn every day in November (except Sundays) for $100, with the numbers posted here daily.  A check will be mailed to the winner.  Numbers can win more than once.  All proceeds from Fundraiser support Scholarships for St. Dominic school children.  


Winning #
Tuesday November 1
417Roberta Catanzaro
 Wednesday November 2765
Bonnie Forbeck
 Thursday November 3245Bob Murphy
 Friday November 4468Nate Seltzer
 Saturday November 5742
Will & Nick Fettig
 Monday November 7270
St. Vincent DePaul
 Tuesday November 8053
Taylor O'Leary
 Wednesday November 9
463Jim Gresham
 Thursday November 10
903Alice Roch
 Friday November 11414Glenn Henderer
 Saturday November 12779
Dave Witterstaetter
 Monday November 14
260Jim Forbeck
 Tuesday November 15618
Frances Carroll
 Wednesday November 16293Ray Blazer
 Thursday November 17554Rose Stertz
 Friday November 18633Caroline Clissold
 Saturday November 19669Mary Jones
 Monday November 21
530Jim Wohlfrom
 Tuesday November 22140Karen Lyons
 Wednesday November 23691Mary Jones
 Thursday November 24628Joe Scherer
 Friday November 25814Mary Lou Hausman
 Saturday November 26530Jim Wohlfrom
 Monday November 28147Nathan Delillo
 Tuesday November 29513 Mike Rosiello 
Wednesday November 30 406Julie Sokolis